Her Story

A women,who accordingly in this new era is totally independent and living her life as she wanted to.

A women who not only placed in kitchen for making “Hot Rotis”who nowadays also manages her home as well as her professional life.In every field we get a women who is working with men,walks along with men.

But does being an independent is enough for her?

Do you think that Being a women is become now easy for her?

Do you think that she works freely and happily?

Yes,She might be..But not that much.

Being a girl is still not easy for her.

There is no doubt,that fear and insecuiry lies in the mind of women.When she go outside,work late,she feels insecure due to increasing of crimes.

But along with this insecurity,One major thing from which she faces is “Conservative Mentality”

The conservative mentality of people still make her insecure ,People somewhere treated as her inferior or sometimes makes her feel like nothing.

Now,You may all think that such people may be are not well educated,But,its strange to tell that those people are well educated and being a well educated persons,they possess such mentality.

Everyday ,she get humilated.

Everday ,she get tortured.

Everyday ,she has to listen taunts.

Everyday,they treat her like nothing.

Everday,they try to make her feel that being a girl is a mistake.

Everyday,they want her to go away.

Everyday,they just try to hurt her.

A people of Conservative Mentality.Such people think that women dont need much education and dont need to work.

Such people think that Women just need to do marriage and do household work only.

Such people think that she dont need to go out for work.

I met with one of educated men,who holds a good degree but having a lower mentality towards women.Who thinks,that a girl future has been decided by husband only.Her husband will decide everything.No matter,She is independent or not,working or not,She should marry at the age of 18 only .

Only a men can work,No matter about her own independency,She just manage house and do household works only.

“Bahr jakr kya krogi mai kama launga tum bas ghr ka kam kro”

Have you ever think that, The whole life parents spents their earning in education first,to fulfill dreams of their children,make them independent,to make them stand enough alone.And one day” I suddenly started treated like nothing”I suddenly treated inferior”

Do my choices mean nothing?

Do Im just a marriage material?

Do I dont have a right to stand independent?

Do I dont have any dreams?

Do I dont have a right to live my life with my own choices?

The parents spent there whole earnings for this only?

But those people disagree with me.He said “ladki ka kuch ni ,sab ladke ki marzi hoti hai,Shadi kro and jao”

According to them,Independency of girls means just hold a degree and marry.

“The level of there education”

But I totally disagree with this.Because,I belong to a family where girls has been brought up by learning to be independent first than allow to do marriage.

Ofcourse,She should be independent first.She should be capable enough that if in future some bad circumstances arise,She could handle that.She dont need to be depend on anyone.

Here,Im not in against of marriage,but not in a favour of marriage till I wont be stand up for myself.

Till,I wont do something for my parents which they expected from me.

Till,I wont do something which I wanted to.

Till,I wont be capable enough to settle myself.

Those kind of people need to change there mentality.

Those kind of people need to stop judging others.

Those kind of people need to understand that the era has been changed now.

Those kind of people need to understand that women are not weak.

Those kind of people need to understand that women are not inferior.

Those kind of people need to learn the actual meaning of “Education”

Those kind of people need to change themselves.

Those kind of people need to stop taunting her and humilated her.

khule aasmaan ki panchi hun men
buland honslon ki shehjaadi hun men
ab udaan bharne ka waqt h

waqt hai tumhari soch badlne ka,
ab fakr h mujhe ki ek ldki hun men..

She is determined towards her dreams and goals of her life.

Still she is waiting for the day when her parents feel proud on her.

Still she is hoping for the day,when she change the defination of “Girl”

Still,She is believing and knowing better days will come.

Still,She is waiting to prove them “She is not weak she is strong,a fearless,a bold,a independent”

Remember that,She has a determination that exceeds all expectation

She has a will of steel

She has faced many challenges and has overcome them all

With grace, kindness and a power so immense that it shakes the world to its core

 She is strong because she wants to be

She is strong because she needs to be

She is strong because that is all she knows,

Deep within her soul

 She is strong because she has gifts to share

She is strong because she knows that there is a better way

No matter where or who they are

 Her strength is in her kindness and compassion

Her strength is in her willingness to care

Her strength is her ability to embrace the world and throw a blanket of magnificence around the world

She is strong because the beauty she has is exploding within her, around her, for her and for the world to see

Her strength is not visible to all – yet!

Her strength is not heard by everyone – at the moment!

But her strength is growing stronger,She is strong.

Stop judging her# Respect her#change mentality#WomenEmpowerment#

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