Our India is known as a secular country,but its so sad that people of this country where one hand talking about secularism,on the other hand discriminating between religions.

The crime has also been become one of the part of this discrimination.The crime like Rape has been judged by according to religion.

A girl is hindu or muslim?

A rapist is hindu or muslim?

These are the ways which define crimes these days.

People are too busy in making these issues as political.

They should need to understand that law is for everyone,our country is a secular country where people of all religion should be respected.The community of all should be respected.

A rapist is rapist, no matter which religion he belongs too.

A girl is a girl,no matter she is hindu or muslim.

A criminal should be punished.

A victim should get justice.

Stop making it political#

Stand unite and raise your voice against such crimes#

Stop this communal war#Learn to respect her and every religion#



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