Is pinjre se niklkr aj muje udne do,

in janjiro ko todkr aj jane do,

spne dekhti hu dekhne do,

mat maro muje apni hi kokh me,

mat maro muje apni hawas bhri akho se,

yeh duniya muje bhi dekhne do,

kasoor kya hai mera ki ek ladki hu mai,

kyu dfna dete ho jnm dete hi,

kyu behrehmi se mar dete ho,

darindo me mai insan dundne ke liye tadpi hu,

sirf ghar ki chaar diwari me ni,bahr bhi udna chahti hu,

kyu woh hath ni kapte tumhare,

mai bhi hu ek ladki,

mai bhi hu insan,

muje bhi jeene ka adhikhar do,

Desh ke liye jeena chahti hu,

woh bechari or abla ni hu,

pT usha or kalpana chawla jaisi bnna chahti hu,

ladki hu mai,khulkr yeh kehne ka muje mauka to do,

kuch karkr dikhane ka mauka toh do,

kandhe se kandha milakr chlna chahti hu,

mai bhi jeena chahti hu,us ghutan me ni,khulkar jeena chahti hu,

Chupi hui zindagi se unmukt jeene ka mauka to do,

Ladki hu mai muje bhi jeene do..

Let’s celebrate our existence as a team,

This was the purposefulness for the mankind,

Let there be a spark of happiness & gleam,

Love, light & happiness in all minds.

I’m proud to be a girl, Let me live

I will grow as a woman, fearless & bold

I’ve come with a message & we will survive

our country will be safe for us, it needs to be told.

Stop the crime with firmness & without fear.

Let me live vicariously..Let me fly..

Proud to be a girl#womenhood#Respect girls#Stopviolence##

2 thoughts on “Aazadi

  1. Hatts of you dear…….your post are superb☺

    हमने तो वक़्त बदलते देखा है
    लेकिन अब पंक्तियाँ भी बदलती देखी है
    हाथ लगाओ डर जायेगी
    बाहर निकलो मर जायेगी
    मछलियों से बेटियो तक पहुँच गयी

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