“Dowry” A social evil.

A curse in the society.

A symbol of injustice to the women.

And many more slogans we have been heard on the dowry system.

Giving or taking dowry is an offence,this also we all might known.But still,we dont bother,we consider it as our tradition,our custom.

“Humare samaj me toh aisa shuru se hota a rha hai,dhyej ladki ke maa baap ko dena pdta hai”

And if you could tell to them that its an offence then? “Ary beta yeh dhyej ni hai,yeh to gift hai jo har ladki ke maa baap uski shadi par dete hai”

Is this really a gift? A defination clearly states that “giving or taking dowry is an offence”then gift are not considered in dowry?Actually No,because gift are given by consent,without any consideration.Right??Then how it can be Dowry?

Afterall “maa baap ne marzi se diya hai,us marzi me kapde,bartan,jewellery,cash,car and many more items are included”

A gift this what a society called is actually a dowry ,in my point of views.

Actually,You know,in ancient times,the marriage rites in the Vedic Period are associated with “kanyadan”.And it is laid down in Dharamshastras that the meritorious act of kanyadan is not complete till the bridegroom was given a dakshina.So when a bride is given over to the bridegroom,he has to given something in cash or kind which constitute Varadakshina.

The varadakshina was offerred out of affection and did not constitute any kind of compulsion or consideration for the marriage.It was a voluntary practice without any coercive overtones.

But,Do you think that the element of “volunatry”is present these days? Actually it has disappeared and the coercive element has crept in.

It has become a “dowry “now. I always heard a saying “pita apni sari punji apni beti ki shadi pr lga deta hai”

The evil of dowry system has been rapidly increasing.May I ask to those girls,who wont raise any voice when there father giving them dowry in there marriage? Why? Are your upbringing is not enough that at the time of marriage you are taking a so called gifts? And when after that started becoming threat to you,You started like “my in laws demanding dowry”

What happen at the starting of time?When they demanding dowry? I know its difficult to convince your parents to not giving any such kind or thing at the time of marriage,(ijjat ka sawal ajata hai) but what after next?When these creepers starting beating you? Demanding dowry from you?

These days I have seen that now marriage has been done according to level of both parties and even the dowry has been fixed according to that level.

“beta CA,doctor or at any govt post then the price has been started from the lakhs,they demanded the luxurious car or some cash from the family of bride”

I may ask to such high level persons that If you are actually at so high level then are you not capable of having any luxuirous car or any cash? Dont you have anything,that you a so called a high level demanding a cash or kind in your marriage.

Shame on such kind of people.

Be a man not a beggar to ask dowry

Why the society doesnt break the dowry chain?

Why this evil practice has not been stopped?

Why the demanding of dowry has been increasing ?

Why the dowry deaths has been increasing?

And still,you are busy in showing off to the society.By telling them how rich you are,Its not any gift you are giving for,Its a sale you are doing of your daughter.

Its not any customs or tradition,and if it is then it can be changed,because these customs and traditions has been made by us not by anyone else.We society make such kind of customs and traditions.

You know why parents provide dowry ?

* to save there self -respect

* to their own will

* establishment of a new household

* protect the daughter so she will not listen anyone words.

These are some reasons which according to parents they are providing dowry to there daughter.And if these are the reasons,then I may ask to such parents that when your daughter has been beaten for the dowry demand,then where your self respect,a so called society image goes?Where those society goes when your daughter has been beaten? Is anyone come forward to help you?

you are giving dowry to protect your daughter ? No,you lead her to threat.Because these dowry demanders are greedy which leads to heinous deeds.There demands leads to dowry death of your daughter.The dowry system is a curse.

Stop thinking what the society will called you.Because these society will only come to see how much you are giving and never get statisfied from anything.Because these society will not come forward when creepers demand dowry from you.

If you really want to protect your daughter,give her a gift( mind the gift is a volunatry consent).Invest money in the name of her so that she will use them in future.Give those little things to her which make her smile,which make her feel that you are with them.Because when she will go to leave her own home to someones home,its take time for her to adjust and she will miss you alot.So give what make her smile.Because all what you do is for her happiness only.

But,dont fulfill any demand of dowry just for “society kya sochegi”And girls,if they demand dowry,just walk away from that marriage.because its only you,who can save your parents from this offence and yourselves from this curse.

Say No To Dowry#


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