Sec 377 I.P.C.

Everyday ,we are saying to ourselves that better days will come, a day will come when girls live freely.A hope of a better day will always run in mind.

Actually,today i will not share about girls only,its about boys as well.In todays modern world,we have seen the crimes committed with girls.

Ofcourse,everyday a newspaper has such kind of news that girls are not safe.But we forgot to share that a small little boys too ,these days are not safe.They too get kidnapped and forced to be child labour and even sufferred from the unnatural offence which is punishable under our Indian Penal Code.

Section 377 of the IPC states that ā€œ whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years, and shall be liable to fineā€.

This clearly defines the unnatural offences and also made it a punishable offence under sec 377 of the Indian penal code.

Im talking about this section today ,because today I had experienced one incident which made me cry in the court room.Although I stopped my tears,but my heart was fulled of tears at that time.Being a Lawyer,I have to set aside my emotions and worked practically.

But being a human,its so hard for me to face such incident today.

At 4 PM,I went to court room for some case.There I saw two children in the court room along with there parents.One is boy,other one is girl.It was not a juvenile court .

so,I asked from there parents why they came here with there children?

A lady Replied” meri bachi ko dekho ap iske sath rape karne ki koshish ki hai.”The time when she told me,her eyes were full of tears.I went to that little girl and asked “what’s your name bcha?” She Replied” Lakshmi”. Then I asked “what happen with you” She replied “didi woh uncle muje lekr gye jabrdasti and mere sath kuch karne ki koshish ki”

She was so little girl and she even didnt know what happened with her.And she started crying”Di dard ho rha hai bht”

And…heared all these from that little girls mouth.I cant even explain my situation.

The public prosecutor,Police officers,the staff members and me were present there and we just quiet for that moment.I dont even understand,What to say next now?

Anyhow,I pretend me so strong and convinced her mother to stay strong and make your girl strong and also distract that little girls mind from that bloody shitts.

But,the story didnt end here..

I asked her mother about his husband.They belong to a poor family.Her mother-in Law who is a heart patient anyhow managed them.The wife replied”woh toh chorkr chala gya usne dusri shadi karli kyuki mai use Ladka ni de pai,Teeno ladkia hui.”

And that girl which has been harrassed is 10 years old and a elder girl in her family.

Now,Can you imagine the situation of her family.I mean just a creeper ,who has no importance of her girl child.He need to understand “Har kisiko ladki ka sukh naseeb nhi hota”

But,No,These kinds of people still exists in our society and possessed the orthodox mentality.

The uncle,who harassed a little girl is in jail now and according to the amendment in POCSO Act,very soon will be hanged.

And,after that girl, I asked to boy “Why you came here”The small little boy aged of 8 years told me “he has been harrassed under unnatural offence” I use this word”unnatural offence”because the words that boy told me cannot be explained here.

And,Again my heart were cried that time.

These two incidents today really made me shocked,and I really hope such cowards should be hanged.These kind of monsters have no right to live.

We always say,make your girls safe,but the crime rates has so much increased today that not only girls,a boy will also not safe.Yes,there ratio is less then girls but still they come in the category of such henious crimes.

Its the high time to take care of your childrens,there society,there friends,there social media.Care so that they will not trapped by anyone and will not get suffered from such kind of activities.

Its not any kind of restriction,parents are imposing for.Its a kind of care which a parents need to do for their childrens safety.Care as if,they will not get ruined with the hands of such cowards.


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