Social Discrimination



Breast -Cancer

Being walked on




A girl life is stuck between all these things.She has to go through from such kind of things.

Everyday,Everynight she has been Raped,harrassed,beaten up.

She has been restrain from educating,

She has been restrain from working,

She has been restrain from going out,

She has been restrain from her freedoms,

Actually,the meaning of “freedom” is still unclear.

“Freedom for girls?”Nah,I dont think ,a word is for girls also.because if it is,then why its not cleared yet?

May be,it will get cleared,If we want to get them cleared.But,No,Why should we?

Actually,Why we?

“Ladko ko azadi hai,Ladkio ko nhi”Is equality ki baat karne walo “Azadi dono ke liye kyu nhi?

A social discrimination,A gender-inequality..

Somewhere honour killing,

And somewhere they kill there honour themselves,By raping the girls,by abusing them,And they called themselves “Mard”

If such kind of creepy people thinks that they are “mard” then no,its not there “mardangi”.They are bloody cowards.They are monsters.They are such desperate persons that they just want to satisfy their hunger only.

They just treat a women as object,

They just treat a women as toy,

They just treat a women as inferior.,

Their so called human needs is,The hole of your body,Right?

For that hunger,They Raped,

They went to prostitutes,

They harrassed you,

Andt,even our society dont want a girl child.So they kill them in womb,a female foeticide.

Concludingly,Its not only about the girl and boy.A sex is a human needs which a women too want equally like a men.

But,that need nowhere defines a women as sex object only.

A women is just not only to satisfy your hunger.

A women deserves respect.

A women deserves love.

A pleasurable sex which satisfies you both.

but,Dont let your love to convert it in Rape.

Dont let your hunger so high that ,you starting harrassed her.

Dont let your emotions so high,that you started beating and abusing her.

Stay in control and love her,Respect her.

She is not weak,She is strong enough.

Dont consider her inferior,She is equal.

A men should be upbringed to loved the women,to respect the women,Not,to outdrage the modesty of women.Not to upbringed that womens are weak.

Stop taking her as granted,She is a women.

She has been gifted a womb,from which she gives life to you.She is a life giver( A proud for the women)

Actually,Consistency of thoughts is extremely important in todays society.We are flexible,We have moralities,but the thoughts are not same.

We called us educated still we have possessed with conservative mentality.

We says that we are bold,but No,the truth is we are old.

We lives in big houses,having big cars,Still have a small mentality.

We have everything,Still we want gifts in marriage,a dowry which i called.

We always says,”Soch badlne ki jrurt hai,lekin woh soch ,koi khud phle ni bdlna chahta.”

Actually,Hum bheed ke hisa bne rhengy,lekin bheed ko hisa ni bnangy.

Waqt hai abi,bchalo is desh ki lado ko,najane roj kitne darinde use rol dete hai.

Ab to chup mat rho,

Ab to bolo,

Ab to bdlo,

Soch bdlo,

tamasha mat dekho,kbhi toh bolo,

kuch toh bolo…kuch to bolo….

Hume bheed ka hisa ni,khud ek bheed bnna hai,jha humari betiya surakshit ho.

We are girls, women,humans not a burden.We are strong though we have faced for many things.But,We are strong..

Ek ladki hu mai,garv hai ki ek Ladki hu mai.


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