Marriage a license to Rape?

Sometimes, A marriage is also seems like a License to Rape..

Dont you think so?

* Get ready to have sex,because thats what a “good wife” does. No matter,she wanted to or not.

* I was born a women,but rented out to satisfy you.

* Words “I love you” sometimes smelled like, ” I will RIP your soul apart from my hunger”

* Your pain, Your agony is not my concern..Just keep your mouth shut.

* Rape? Oh!No,

I bought you and your body Officially..

Society called it “Marriage”

No,Is a No,why it is taken for granted?

A marriage is not a license for Rape. A girl left her own house not for fulfillment your hunger only.She expects the love and care in return.I don’t say that,sex is a bad thing.Ofcourse,its human need and its natural.But having sex without her consent is not acceptable.

She is your wife that doesnt mean everyday you wanted her to have sex with you,and whatever you wanted to do you will do.You also need to understand her pain,her pleasure.Ofcourse,She loves you but never take her love for granted or for sex only.


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