Rape Laws

Laws are not only demand to be made,but it should be implemented properly.

Recently,Under POCSO Act ,the governement has been amended the provisions regarding the rape of minor child.

So,It should be checked now that it should implemented strictly.

The Rape culture has not been stopped only to demand for change in law,it stopped when those changed laws Implemented properly.

And,If it will not,then the people should raise their voice regarding such implementation.

We always teach our girls for Do’s and Dont’s. we need to teach our boys as well.

We dont need to stop our girls for not wearing short clothers,rather to teach our boys to not to see them by their lusty eyes.

We need to teach men to respect women.

We need to teach men to not to rape.

We need to upbring our male child without doing any partiality between girls and boys.

We need to stop teaching men”not to cry like girls”,rather to teach girls “not to cry stay strong”

We need to teach our boys.

we need to understand that rape culture has not been stopped by discriminating regarding religion,by protests,by candle marches,by demand in change in law only.

Yes,the provision of strict punishement is mandatory now.As our law is flexible,it changes according to situation and circumstances.But,It should be implemented properly and strictly.


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