Yes,I bleed Red

Yes,Im a girl,

Yes ,I bleed Red,

I learnt that periods should happen in secret.But,I dont hesitate to talk about periods here.

Why such kind of upbringing has been given to girls,that it happen in secret only.

Why a girls are not allowed to talk about there periods freely?

Why a girls are not allowed to tell frankly that she is on periods?

Do you mind ??

Between my legs,I feel the pain at the time of the month.It hurts me even it sucks sometimes.Ofcourse its painful.

A men should understand this how painful it is.But No,they are men they are free to enjoy anything.They are free to have fun.

Even our so-called society has fixed some rules during periods.

*A girl is not allowed to enter in pooja room.

*A girl is not allowed to lay on bed.

*A girl is not allowed to go temple.

*A girl is not allowed to eat certain food.

*A girl is not allowed to enter in kitchen.

*A girl is not allowed to help her mother in household things.

*A girl is not allowed to attend family function.

*A girl is not allowed to cook.

*A girl is not allowed to touch the vessels.

In the name of bleeding,She is escaped from doing such things.

May I ask who makes such rules?

Who says that go to temple in periods is sin?

Who says that touch the idols of god is sin?

Is periods are man -made thing or a god gifted ?

And,if it is given by god then how it will be a sin to us?

Why we are not allowed to do certain things?

So,tell me have you ever thought of pain of bleeding which your mother,sister,daughter sufferred?No,because its not your Cup of tea? Right?

You cannot bring pads for them,you felt ashamed.

Even some girls also felt ashamed from bringing pads from medical shops.Why so?

I dont get the concept of this society.

its totally shit.

*My bleeding is not embarassment,

*My bleeding is not disgusting,

*My bleeding is not foul,

but,its actually really cool.

You know that, A mother’s blood kept you alive nine months in her womb. Its the power of her.

Im so proud of bleeding because my menstural blood is a life giving.Even every women and girl should feel proud rather than to feel sad and ashamed.

Just feel that,We are gifted with a beautiful reminder of that each time we bleed.

Its a womanhood which makes me feel proud whenever i say its my time of the month.

Dont be ashamed to say “you are on periods”

Yes,Im a girl,

Yes,I bleed Red.

Feel proud#Respect Yourself#Happy period#Respectwomen##Womanhood##

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