Tum chero Hum dekhengy

“tum chero hum dekhengy”kyuki hum bas dekhte hai karte kuch ni..

* A girl raped publicly,

* A girl harassed publicly,

*A girl beat publicly,

** and what our society do,they just watch..

Actually they not only watch,they enjoy it as well.They cannot move forward to help you,to save you,they just want to stand there only.

< They are busy in using modern techniques,

< they are busy in making your videos,

< they are busy in sharing your videos,

< they are busy in discussing about you,

<they are busy in judging you,

but they are not free to come forward and save you.

**A mother always scared when anyone picks her daughter.She has her eyes on the fingers on that person.You know the reason,because our girls are not safe anywhere.

**Even some people dont want a girl child,you know why? because (unki hifazat kon krega)

A myth,A bitter truth..

The government gives you a slogan of “beti bchao beti pdao” but a government cannot save a girl child by this slogan only till then the mentality of people will not change.

“Tum chero,hum dekhngy”##

Raise your voice#Respectwomen##

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