The humanity has been dead now..

She is judge by her dress,by her moves,

And get Raped ?

Then what about a small little girl ?

A mistake of her dress?

A mistake of her moves?

A mistake of her smile?

A mistake of her religion?

A mistake of her Rape?

Or,May be a mistake is that she is a girl….

But,not a mistake of those monsters who watched her with their lusty eyes…

Everyday a girl has been raped ,kidnapped,harassed..

No matter she is 7 years old or 17 years or 70 years..

No matter which religion she belongs to..

She is a daughter of yours..

The rape culture has been spread rapidly.But what matters to people?

They are busy in making it political issues.

They are busy in clarifiyng which religion she belongs to.

They are busy in judging girl..

They are busy in criticising government.

They are busy in closing India.

And the remaining one, just watch news and discuss while having a champion in there glass ,when its over the discussion over..

But no solution has been dig out..The only reason is people are busy at there own perspective.

As I always said protest,candle marches are not solutions till then you wont stand unitedly..

Being A law student I felt bad that a provision for death penalty for such cowards has not been provided ,and even it is the provision of bail in non- bailable offences has been provided..Our constitution is not rigid like other constitutions.

This is a time to Reform it. A time for “Death Penalty” ,Hang such Rapist,Even I say cut there Private part.A strict solution need to be there.A fast track court trial should be proceed in rape cases now.

Otherwise,A day is not so far when people will start to think ,

“Beti toh kijo ,bas apne ghar na kijo”…..

Because ,a girl in diapers too are not safe…

A rape culture need to be stopped now#Stand unitedly#Raise your Voice#Support Death penalty#Make her safe#Raise your voice for justice#

Stop Rape#Respect her#StopViolence#Justice##

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