Crime Against Women

Crimes ,A women has been suffering from..Today,Im sharing some major crimes against women and there stories regarding those crimes..


Some of those survivours stories :-



Girl resist acid attack by molesters

In March, an 18-year-old girl got seriously injured when she resisted her three molesters who threw acid on her after failing to molest her. The incident took place in Aligarh’s Magorra police station’s jurisdiction.

Days after a mother-daughter duo jumped off the moving train in order to save themselves from being molested, a young woman in Chennai died after she was allegedly set on fire at her home by a stalker.

Whenever we talk about how unsafe women are in India, Delhi always faces the brunt of being the most unsafe city for women, but the reality is that molestation, rapes and eve teasing is a reality all across India regardless the regions and states.



You know that,

She- I went to a party and got pretty messed up. I wasn’t thinking at all. I was just trying to fit in with the rest. I ended up at my friend’s house where I was forced to have sex. I was really under the influence, so I had no idea what was really going on. I remember saying no, I don’t want to; but the boy kept pulling down my pants; and I eventually passed out. When I woke up I remember him lying on top of me and performing intercourse with me.

She was forced to have sex ,Is her guilty of going party and drink with friends by trusting on them?

You know,


Child pornography,


She- I met with a guy on facebook .

– I really like to have company with him always

– we exchanged our numbers and started chatting with each other

– I was just 14 years old,I fall in love with him

– I share my nude pics with him

= He made it viral on internet

* I was abused..



She- An “obsessed” builder kidnapped, raped and cut the throats of two young women, leaving one of them dead in a freezer at a disused house, a court has heard.

Mujahid Arshid, 33, had planned for weeks to abduct the two “attractive” women, kill them and dump their bodies in the deep freeze..


She- Im the youngest of four children and I was always ‘Daddy’s special girl’. There’s a six-year gap between me and my brother Robert, who is number three, so I really was the baby. My late father was a sergeant in the RAF. He was a drinker who didn’t contribute to the housekeeping, a very angry man who beat me for misdemeanours such as wandering outside my designated play area, and he regularly hit my mum. But I loved him in spite of everything. When he wasn’t around, I used to pine for him. He was the only one who ever bought me sweets. Dad could be very caring and loving, but he was unpredictable.

I felt isolated and lonely as a child. My eldest sister was meant to look after me when Mum was working, but she often went out and left me alone. One morning, I went for a walk and got lost. My sisters found me and brought me home and, knowing Dad would beat me, they dressed me up in lots of thick knickers and trousers so I wouldn’t feel the blows. I was only five. Sometimes I had to stay off school because of the bruises.

I was six when it happened for the first time. I’d gone out on my sister’s bike – she was meant to be watching me as Mum was at work. As I cycled around strange streets, I heard the sound of puppies yelping coming from a house by a big green. I stopped in the hope that I’d catch a glimpse of them, and as I went over to the fence I saw these little black balls of fluff in the front garden, and then a man appeared and asked me if I’d like to see them. I said yes. I’d never seen him before but he asked me where my dad was. His message was clear: ‘I know you.’ He said I couldn’t tell anyone I’d been inside his house, and then he started tickling and touching me. Eventually he took me upstairs and lay on top of me..


She- Just a few months after my marriage in February 2002, my husband’s family started harassing me for dowry. My daughter Roohani was born in December that year, and they went to the limits of using her to blackmail and threaten me. First they refused to accept a girl child as a part of the family, and then decided to keep me away from my daughter. I didn’t see or feed Roohani for three months from the day she was born. They used to give her sleeping pills so she would not disturb them. And then, after a few months of constant suffering, my husband left us at my parents’ place and filed for a divorce.

He never came back to meet us.

female foeticide,

Old grandpa and his son Damya searched frantically for grandma Rano everywhere in the village. The Rama temple, her friend Pushpa’s houses, the big banyan tree, near bore well, wherever she could be, no, grandma was not there, she was gone. They inquired with everyone in the village. No one has seen her since last night. It’s already late afternoon.

Nimmo, the infant’s mother still in her birthing room was crying uncontrollably. “My little one, what happened to my little girl”?

Then came the news that the shepherd boy spotted Rano in the village lake. Father and son ran to the lake. There she was standing in the knee deep water with outstretched arms and praying. “Ma, give my grandson back, goddess Gangama, give me my grandson, give the light of my life back ma”. She was beating her chest and crying.

“What it is Rano?” grandpa yelled.

“Wait, he is coming back! Gangama told me she would turn that little devil into our golden prince. Our family name will be there forever”.

“What?  What have you done Rano?”

They reached her and shook her from her trance. Her feet were swollen and white. She was trembling, “Grandson my grandson”, she fell into her husband’s arms. “He will be back, you just watch; Gangama never lies”.

“What did you do to the child ma”? Damya yelled and shook her.

“There? She pointed her hand to the middle of lake. I gave away the devil to Gangama. In last night’s dream Gangama told she would turn the girl into a boy.  Let us wait. The boy will come out, wait”.

“Hey Ram, why did you do that ma”? Damya banged his forehead.

From the day Nimmo became pregnant, the family was ecstatic. In their family this was the first child and everyone including Nimmo yearned for a boy. The village astrologer told it would be a boy.

“What good is a girl? She will get married and goes away. I want a princely grandson; he will make our family name bright”, Rano would say.

Grandpa was dreaming of taking his grandson with him on the tractor and teach him how to till the land, how to swim in the village lake. He would take him to the neighboring city for schooling. “My grandson will become the district collector!” he would say.

Damya bought a gold chain for the boy. “Let everybody see how princely my son would be”.

Nimmo would touch her belly and talk to the child “my sweet little boy, ma loves you, your pa adores you”.

They did not even send Nimmo to her parent’s house for the delivery, saying they want to see the boy first.

That evening before sunset Nimmo gave birth to a healthy girl child. “Girl!” The midwife Sita announced after the baby came out after six hours labor.

“What? Girl? It cannot be. It has to be a boy”. They came in and looked at the child and stomped out in disgust. “What’s the use with a girl? Our family is doomed. Damya, all your property and land is gone in dowry, Chi, Chi”, grandma spat on the ground.

Damya dropped his head with down cast eyes.

Grandpa yelled at him. “I told you not to marry that inauspicious girl. She is no good. And why would you listen to your ma and pa?” “She is fair”, you told us, what’s the use of a fair girl if she can’t bore a boy to the family?”

The disappointed grandparents left.

Nimmo opened her eyes and asked “where is the baby?” The midwife gave baby to the new mom. “It is a girl” she smiled.

“What?  A girl?  How can this be?”  She opened the baby’s rug and checked and then pushed the baby away. “I don’t want her.  I don’t want her, I want my Prince, Not this devil” she shrieked.

“Nimmo listen” the midwife tried to pacify her. “She is your daughter. She is so pretty, and look at her complexion, she is just like you. Here, hold the baby.”

“No” Nimmo started crying. “Everyone in family is looking for a boy and I could not give them a grandson. My hard luck” and she turned away from the child.

The little one woke up and started crying, what a voice it was, it was like bronze. Every one heard her and midwife came in. Nimmo looked at the little girl but did not touch her.

The baby was crying at the top of her voice and wriggling and stretching limbs.  “Feed her girl” She brought the baby to Nimmo’s breast.

The baby stopped crying. She suckled happily unaware of her surroundings, never realizing how unwelcome she was. Nimmo touched the baby’s tiny feet, and soft hair on warm little head. She is like a flower. Her eyes welled. “My baby, my little angel”, she cried and kissed the baby. Damya came in.

“Look, I did want a boy but it is god’s wish, what can you do? It’s Ok, don’t cry” he consoled his wife. “She is real pretty like you”. He even smiled and squeezed Nimmo’s hand.  “Next time it would be a boy. Take rest now”.   Nimmo was relieved. She dozed off into a peaceful sleep.

Next morning when she woke up the baby was gone and so was the old woman.

Rano went to sleep crying and dreamt that Goddess Gangama came and granted her a wish. She told her that if she drops the new born girl into the village lake, the girl would come back as boy. So she took the baby when it was still dark and dropped her into water and waited there, for her grandson to return!!Child Abuse ,

can result from physical, emotional, or sexual harm. While child abuse is often in the form of an action, there are also examples of inaction that cause harm, such as neglect. Some households that suffer from alcoholism/substance abuse and anger issues have higher occurrences of child abuse as compared to households without. Outcomes of child abuse can result in both short and long term injury, or even death. There are some children who may be unaware that they are victims of child abuse.

And,many more crimes a women is facing always,Reality is that,We all are stuck between this,

A girl has always been judged by her clothes,and after such incidents took place then people like”ldki hi aisi hogi,ghum ri hogi kisike sath,aa ri hogi raat me,kapde aise phne hongy,khud hi attract karti hai phir badme bolti hai aisa ho gya”

A so called society just make excuses because they dont want to stand for right.

“Humari kya lagti hai,hum kyu soche,in sabme hum ni pdna chahte”till den “unke khudke ghr me na ho”

People just choose to blind,

* Mai ek ladki hu koi cheez ni jise becha jaye=Dowry system

* Mai ek ldki hu khilona ni jiske sath khela jaye=sexual abuse

* Mai ek ldki hu koi property ni jise jab chaha mara jaye=cruelty

* haa mai masum hu islye tumhare jaal me fas jati hu=child abuse


* par mai ek ldki hu,


jiske bina tumhara koi astitv nhi..

*Ha mai ek ladki hu,lekin kamjor nhi…..


A Brave girl fought her molester and saved herself=

In October this year, Kerala police arrested a man from Kozhikkode after a video fo him trying to molest a woman surfaced. In the video, the man was seen overpowering the woman, but she fought back and a scuffle ensued. The scuffle got her some time and she raised alarm..



Haa mai ek ladki hu…


Speak out,without any excuse,



Stop Violence##Respectwomen##

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