Married Life

Every girl dream is to marry with someone who cares for her,love her,Respect her.

But,in today’s world,do you really think every married persons live their life happily together?

Some might be,but not everyone..

Here,im sharing some of lines which describes you how much happily married she lives her life….

A story by wife-

Aj humari pehli raat hai.

ghbraht ke sath ek khushi ke ehsas hai.

Intzar kar ri thi unka..

woh aye pass thori mai shrmai,

muje lga shyd pyar krngy,

ate hi kha kholo,kia or so gye..

yeh silsila roj hota rha,

shyd muje ek khilona smjha

jiske sath raat me khela or man bhra to chor dia..

apne maa baap ki ladli aj kisika khilona bnkr jee ri hu..

yeh hai mri zindagi jise is samaj ke dar se mai jee ri hu..

Woh roj raat pita,marta,karta,chup chap sehti hu..

bolu kaise is samaj or maa baap ki izzat se darti hu..Bolu kaise..Bolu kaise..

when i heard thiz from her mouth,I felt so sad and shocked,Even I asked her why you are living with such cruel husband.She said”samaj wale kya sochngy divorce humare ghar me kisine kbhi ni lia”

Girls,Its your life not “Samaj life”Dont be a part of such cruelty,Raise your Voice against such things.If you cant today then you will never be..

A girl who dreamt of a live happily life just ruined within one minute.And , a sad part is she is still living with her husband.

most of the people think marriage is just fo sex ,but they forgot that marriage is just not for sex,its a life who will spend whole with someone,a caring,sharing,every moments together,your sorrows,happiness,shared together.

a girl left her home for you,she sacrificed all her life to be with you,and you treat her like sex toy.

she loves you,cares you,cares your family,and if you cant even respect her,You are just coward.

dont be coward,She is a girl not a sex toy,Respect her##

And girls,dont let others ruin your life#Respect yourself##


One thought on “Married Life

  1. Agree with your thoughts. Marriage is a relationship in with you live life beyong love by taking care of each other and giving react to each other.
    But some narrow minded people still consider women as childern manufacturing machine.

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