Reading newspaper and got such kind of news..Its not only about today its about everyday..Everyday i Found such kind of news,When it will stopped.

Reading such kind of news lacking faith in blood relationships as well.Where our society goes? I dont understand.Why such kind of things happening? Sometimes old parents ,Sometimes own parents,Sometimes neighbour,Sometimes friends, and sometimes relatives as well..

Where Girls are safe? Is there any home or place where she felt Safe? I dont think so.

Everywhere she finds Someone who stares at her with dirty eyes.Whats going on?I dont understand..

A girl has been harrasses by her father since 4 years. Strange.. And more strange thing is She kept quiet since 4 years.

Limitless,A girl when got frustrated wrote a letter,nd since 4 years she is living with this frustration.Wow..

What happen to our brave girls? Why she didnt raise her voice?

just because a fear of society? A fear of her image?

Girls, You need to understand that,such kind of Crimes will not Stop if you sitting mum.

“Apradh karne se jyada Sehne wala Apradhi hota hai”

why you are tolerating? for whom you are waiting for?why you cant take any immediate actions?

I know its not easy, but its not difficult..

A solution only comes when you raise your voice.It will not come if you keep on sitting mum.

If any such kind of crimes happens to you,immediately raise your voice,take actions against them immediately.

Dont think what society will think.

Dont think anyone could believe or not.

Just Raise your Voice. There are laws,there are helplines,but Only You can raise your voice.You have to stand for your own.

No other will come till then you wont stand.

Stop tolerating#just raise your voice#proud to be a women#let the society know you are not weak You are strong#


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