Say No To Rape

Say no to Rape” and there is a need that government should amend the punishment clause of Rape ..Rather to be given only till life imprisonment punishment there is a need for some strict provisions regarding the punishment of Rape ..

*Hang Such Rapist*

or any other provision government according to law thinks fit.*

Everyone has been busy in raising other issues but this is also a major issue..Everyone needs to think for it.

Crimes like Rape has been increasing day by day.Sometimes with some 8 months girl,or sometimes with some 12 yr girl or sometimes with some women or some old women.

It really need to be stopped. Because the country where we live in, women are worshipped and on the other hand She has been through many crimes..

Government at the time of Damini case amended the provision regarding Rape and also included clauses like eve-teasing in it.There is a need to amend the provision regarding punishment of Rape also.Government need to think on thiz also..

And people of our society also need to develop there thinking otherwise situation may get worse more.Raise your Voice.

StopViolence against Women#SayNoToRape##StopRape##

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