ABVP on Sanitary pads

Access to proper sanitation for women should have been the primary priority and first step towards an equal society for women. Alas, that is not the case. @Akshay Kumar raised this important issue through his upcoming movie PADMAN #padman. Taking this movement one step ahead ABVP and DUSU joined hands with Mr Akshay Kumar organising #womenmarathon in support of GST free sanitary napkins. ABVP who have fought for decades to ensure an equal and fair society for women pledge its support to #gstfreesanitarypad#

People always shy when we talk about mensturation. many restrictions has been imposed when a girl having periods.I dont understand why?

Periods are a god gift for a girls even more important too.Then why so many restrictions like not to go in a kitchen, Dont do puja,dont go to temple and many more.

Is this a man made thing on which you are imposing restrictions?

And if No, then how can you impose restriction on that which is a god gifted.

Even If I talk about bringing pads from the market,they always got in a black polythene .Why? its your necessity which you are carring for.

And If I say to any male member that bring pad for me ,Some of the reactions are like ” haww woh mai launga kya khud lao” Why ? You can bring anything for home then why not pads?

My father always bring sanitary napkins for us and the society people are like ” yeh koi papa se mngwane ki cheeez hai kya” I mean just wide your mentality. There is no shy in all such things. People need to talk frankly about such things so that everyone should have knowledge for this.

A man cannot bleed if he he will die

A women bleed 5-6 days regularly while mensturation.

A women should feel proud for such a god gifted thing which will make you a mother..

and yes, its a necessity so it should be tax free now ..for those who cannot afford it .

And girls and boys its not any mistake or a bad work when you are talking about mensturation or bringing pads for your mother or sister.

Let the society think# try to change them also# Dont be shy#Respect Women# A step towards equality##

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