Bharat Maa

Our India is known as “Bharat Mata” Not a Bharat Pita..Do you know why ?

Because here womens are worshipped as devi, she is considered as “Maa” is sad that in the lap of Maa ,girls of our country are not feel safe.

She gets raped, she becomes a victim of abuse.

How anyone can rape her?Is it her mistake she is a girl?

No,its the mistake of those people who kill them before giving birth. Not because ,”prai ladki hai kal ko dhyej dena pdega”islye nhi ki vansh agy kaise bdega”

Because they are afraid ,

they scared that if that girl will get success how they will tackle it.

Because ” ladki ko toh kuch krne ka adhikar hi ni hai na”woh unke ldko se jyada bad kaise skti hai”Achievements to bs ladke hi lengy”yeh bs unka right hai”

But,they dont know that girls are equal to their sons even more than their sons.

She is a girl,maa,daughter,daughter-in-law.

“Is bharat mata me maa ki respect karo”


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