Dheyj htao

People always say that taking dowry is a crime it need to be stopped ,the in laws family should be punished or a girl need to deny to marry such person if his family asked for dowry !Whereas according to me , giving of dowry is also a same crime and it also need to be stopped.

A girl firstly need to stop her own family for giving dowry “or beti ko gifts de rhe hai” This mentality need to change first from your family.Because If you cant then the other person will surely ask.

Giving or taking dowry both is a crime . Dont let your parents to involve in such crime.

“Samaj kya khega kya nhi iski fikar karne ki jrurt ni hai kyuki jab apke in laws apko dowry ke lye force krngy yeh so called samaj apko bchane nhi ayga bas khde rehkr tamasha dekhega” So stop thinking about so called society and raise your voice against dowry system.

Parents always be like ” hum to humari beti ko gift de rhe hai ” No,those are not only gifts those are dowry in my view.

why to give a gift like bed,washingmachine,furniture,cars and many more ? Is a boy’s home is empty ? Is a boy dont have anything? and if he is not having than also fine,He will earn and make it.You dont need to give anything.

In laws mother be like” cash apko jo thik lge utna de do” why so ? “yeh apki beti ke lye hi hai” why ? if we want to give to our daughter we will give to her by the name of her only.These tiny things need to understand alot.

nowadays,marriage will be according to level.

“Beta doctor hai toh itne paise lengy ”

“Beta wakil hai toh itne paise lengy”

May i ask to such people ,you are already earning more then why you need more cash? And “bechara beti ka pita apni izzat bchane ke lye kya na kre ” De deta hai in jaise bikhario ko”

but,girls your parents are earning for you . The whole life they grow you up and at the time of marriage if they are doing your “DAAN” with the cash then in my view its not marriage,its a Selling. So stop selling yourself and stop your parents to make you sell. You are an independent girl enough to know each and everything. Just deny such in laws who asking for dowry. And let your parents understand the value of you.

Thiz is the only reason society considered girls “a bojh”. Dont let thiz thinking. Its time for change the mentality. Its time to stop dowry system.

Because if you cant raise your voice today then you will never be.


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