Log kya Sochengy

“Log kya sochengy ” A very famous lines these days roaming around in the society. People become so attentive regarding there image as well as for their goodwill among others.

May I know “Is this a necessary to think Log kya sochengy” rather than to think “ki hum khudke lye kya soch rhe hai”

I met a person who wants to do something good for our country,for people,for those girls who wants to do something but are not getting chance to do something.But a strange thing which really shocked me that a person who wants other to do something is the one who itself is more conscious about “log kya sochengy”

It seems to be so strange for me !A person who wants to develop others is itself having a conservative mentality.Then how she be able to inspire others?

one day we all were getting ready for marriage then she said “wear suit or kurti dont wear jeans it will not look good for others”why so ? is wearing a jeans is prohibhited ? If we are comfortable in wearing jeans then where the problem arise ?

Are we here to see our comfort level first or the others comfort zone ?

Then one more day we all are talking about going somewhere then she was like”dont open the whole hairs,just tie it ,it will not look good .What people will think about you on the first meeting ”

Why such kind of things ? Are we cant open our hairs ?

And so many do’s and dont’s she told us.

Even these do’s and dont’s are not only for others but for herself too.She remain conscious always to think “log kya sochngy” and living her life accordingly.

It is so unexpected for me to accept such kind of mentality of these kind of persons.

If im giving a speech,meeting others,going somewhere,clicking photos,i have to act by keeping in my mind”Log kya sochengy”

By doing all such things Im I really living my life ? Im I will really inspire others? Im I able to change the system which i wants to.

Im not against the simplicity !Every girl is beautiful by the way she are.But Im against those “so called” mentality of “Log kya sochngy Mre bare me”

If I have to think such ,then I cant be in such a system.Girls its your life live the way you are.

Let the people accept you in a way You are.

Let them judge you Let them mock on you

Its your Life Live the way you are..Just be Unstoppable.Be at your comfort zone only.


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