International Girl Child Day

international girl child day declared by the United Nations on October 11, 2012, was the first Day of the Girl. The observation supports more opportunity for girls and increases awareness of gender inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender. 

it is to be understand that –

Investing in girls is a moral imperative – A matter of basic justice and equality 

So save girl child Dont kill her in a womb 

she brings joy ,Dont let her lives end before it even begins .

if you kill her you kill many others 

Dont kill her fate let her wings to fly 

She will make you proud 

Educate her and Educate nation 

Me as a daughter wants to thankx my parents for giving me birth make me independent and always supporting nd caring me so that i can achieve what i want to be ..

I just want to say –

with the society mocking you everytime ..

all you said to me was Fly …
Save Girl Child ## Dont be Vicious # Happy International Girl Child day##

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