Im not For Sale

I was held against my will..

     Extreme poverty forced my parents to sell me out..

I was nothing but a paycheck to them..
I was lured for a doll..
    kidnapped and raped for years infront of the same doll..

He promised me a choclate..
   and took me to a dark place ,

   where i had to do dirty things daily..

I was beaten for not doing it,

    and was forcefully touched in my private areas..

I cried all night..
My life was nothing I had Dreamed of..
I have a self- Respect ..

why isn’t my consent necessary in sex?

Its a trap once you get in there ,its hard to get out..
A prostitute child is force to serve between 100-1500 clients/years..

I never wanted to do that,but I couldn’t speak…
When they will understand Im Not for sale?
#Stopviolence#Respect Women##

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