“So called” SocietyĀ 

Seriously ,its a so – called society with a double minded and shamless people who are educated but still having conservative minds ,the Orthodox mentality where a girl birth is considered  to be some “Apshgun” on the other hand,they want a “Sanskari ,kam krne wali,pdi likhi bahu”.Wow..!!

This shameless society, who on one hand killing girl child wants a good girl for their sons..Can you please tell me from where these girl come? If before birth you kill the girl child in mother’s womb then how you get good girls for your sons?? And people always be like “beta vansh bdayga agy jakr…Toh kya yeh vansh akele bad jayga ??? 

Can a” Hero” be anything without “Her”?? No, he is ” 0″ without “Her ” ..And it’s not a mathematics where “0”meant a lot ..its life where” her ” meant a lot..without her vansh agy ni bad skta kyuki akele ladka vansh agy bada ni sakta..Boys as well as girls both are eqully important ..

#Stopkilling girl child ## respect her##

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