Gang – Rape

Crimes against women is not a new topic im talking about ..everyday we are reading in newspapers,watching in news, about the crime against women..

Recently I came across with the case of rohtak..i mean after the nirbhaya case many amendments has been taken but wat happen again ? Again one more girl got raped..the girl has been gang rape because she rejected the marriage a girl could not even have choice to say no? Don’t she have a right to choose for her own life ? Wat happen to the people nowadays ? Why they are becoming like a riotin hell? Now firstly let us know wat do you mean by Gang – Rape?

Gang rape is defined as the rape of an individual by two or more perpetrators.The 2012 Delhi gang rape brought a lot of international attention to the issue of gang rape in India. On 16 December 2012, inMunirka, New Delhi, a 23-year-old was beaten and gang raped on a private bus. She died 13 days later..Following the rape, there was widespread national and international coverage of the incident as well as public protests against the government of India and the government of Delhi.
Increased attention in the media and awareness among both Indians and the outside world is both bringing attention to the issue of rape in India and helping empower women to report the crime. After international news reported the gang rape of a 23-year-old student on a moving bus that occurred in Delhi, in December 2012, Delhi experienced a significant increase in reported rapes. The number of reported rapes nearly doubled from 143 reported in Januaryā€“March 2012 to 359 during the three months after the rape. After the Delhi rape case, Indian media has committed to report each and every rape case..

Even everyday I had seen how the women’s are facing they all are suffering from the crimes? Yet there are many laws but no implemantation has been taken place…

As like there is a prescribed traffic rules but how many will follow it ? Same as with these .. Laws are many but no strict action has been taken..people just want to enjoy there lust they just outradge women modesty ,they will not know to respect women..They are just riotin hell..In a human they are devils..

A girl has been placed naked,raped, her body get multilated just because she refused the marraige proposal..Thiz totally defines that there are laws and rights but not for women? These kind of rapist should be hanged ..they dont even deserve life imprisonment they just deserve death penalty like in the Nirbhaya case our court pronounced that…so that these kind of offenders should know that if they committ such kind of heinous crimes they will get hang..In the eyes of law , they are just criminals and they will never forgive whether they can file so many appeals too..

Violence against women is a prominent discussion in India it is a major issue Which need some change .A strict punishment provision should be there and the people also need to learn the respect of women..

Respect women#Stop violence against women ##

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