An Historical Day

This is the day which everyone is waiting for.All of the indians have a hoping eyes for this day..An incredible and peaceful day which itself print the history in our india.. Yes im talking about the ” Nirbhaya Case Verdict day ” 

The apex court of India finally pronounced  the Death penalty in Nirbhaya Rape Case..

This is seriously the hatts off day to the Supreme court of India which proves the “justice delayed but justice not denied ” 

When people lost all there hopes then they come to court for the sake of justice and the court of india although get delay but never get denied 

The verdict cried me not because im sad but because im happy and i think not only me but every citizen of our country was happy after this verdict ..

There was a claps in courtroom when our judges pronounced the judgement..

Justice Banumathi who is a woman judge on the bench said ” there is not even a hint of hesitation in my mind ,in sending the men to their deaths ” Incredible statment by her..

Justice Dipak Mishra concluded the pronouncement of Supreme court judgement ,confirming the death penalty in Nirbhaya Case which shook the entire nation with its brutality and spurred the genesis of a stringent anti – rape law.

He said ” The accused found an object for enjoyment in her..for their gross,sadistic,and beastly pleasures..for the devilish manner in which they played with her dignity and identity is humanity inconceivable”

The parents of the Nirbhaya had a happy tears in her eyes because today their daughter finally got justice and also said ” Ab humari beti wapis nhi mil sakti hai.lekin samaj aur betiyon ki surakhsa ke liye yeh ahm faisla hai..Nirbhaya ke sath hui ghatna samaj par daag hai..Court ka faisla samaj me bda sandesh dega “

This is considered the ” Rarest of Rare case ” 

People of our country felt deeply for  the courageous family of his brave daughter who rose the sym ol of every woman’s fight against the sexual violence.Thiz judgement necessary to send the stern message to those people who commit such heinous crimes ,and future offenders.

The case shook the consceince of the nation but final verdict reminds all of our duty towards ensuring women safety..Today the parents must be in peace and even the soul of the nirbhaya also in a peace today may be smiling because she finally got the justice..

Some of the people not take any action for their own reputation in society when they suffered from crimes but its a message to all ” Izzat lootne wali ki kharab hoti hai jiski looti jati hai uski nhi ” Be brave and fight for justice because justice never denied..Nirbhaya ‘s parents are so brave and strong who fought for justice for their daughter even they are the example for those daughters parents who not fought for their daughters for justice..

“The verdict will bring her peace “

But the situation has not changed as far as the security of women is concerned will take ages for people to change their minset..

Even preparators of such a heinous crimes deserved the harshest sentence even if acts as a deterrent in a small number of cases ,it will be a step in the right direction.All the rapists should get the capital punishment no matter ” if they are juvenile ” In nirbhaya case too juvenile was not get punished i think he should be..He was leading a different life why ??? He too done brutality ..why he was set free ? Just because he is juvenile doesn’t mean he should be live freely he should be hanged because it becomes a lesson for all the juveniles too DAT if they committed such crime they being a juvenile too they will not free ,they too will considered the criminal and punished .

Why has the juvenile has been spared ? Minor for a capital punishment ,but mature enough to brutally rape a girl ?

“Brutal Diabolic ,Barbaric act” deserved nothing less then death ..

A child should be taught to respect women in the society in the same way as he is taught to respect men..

there must be , that if crime is committed with extreme brutality and the collective conscience of the society is shocked ,courts must award death penalty,irrespective of their personal opinions as regards desirability of death penalty.

” chalke maa ke ansu aur mil gya insaf” It is an eyeopner case ..

All the rape cases and rapist should be treated like thiz

Learn to Respect women # hang the rapist # justice never denied # verdict # historical day # Stop violence against women ##

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