Prostitution in other words trafficking of women’s.It is not a new phneomenon ,in recent decades,it has emerged as a serious is crime and also the violation of human rights which can result into a series of further abuses.

But who bothers for anything ?? There is always a myth ” if the trafficking of women has been stopped then the crime rate of rape get increased”

I mean just see the perceptions of some people..why the crimes like rape and prostitution both cannot stopped ?

Why the mentality of people get changed ?

Why they are not understanding the respect of women ?

Sometimes ,i think that im expecting something that never gonna be happen..but i always have a hope that one day may be 1% some changes took place..

According to the law enforcement and judicial trafficking of women is most prevalent in Andhra pradesh,Maharashtra,and west bengal..but nowadays it is become the major crimes in the major cities..every street or roads are involving in such kind of crimes..

In the metropolitan cities like delhi there is a road or you can say an area which have a full mholla of such prostitution i.e..GB road.. A mholla of prostitutes where the work of prostitution goes on..every day even every 2 minutes some of the women are facing such kind of problem..

There is a saying for them that these ” vaishays ” work from their own dat really so ? For women her modesty is everything ..who want to indulge in all these ? Who wants to outradge it ?? No one..i think 99% no women like to do such things..And women who are giving consent that is because of their financial needs.

But most of them are forced to do so..30% of women and children tell someone about having experienced sexual violence but only 1 % report to police.

Trafficking of women’s is a crime under Indian penal code 1860 section 370 has been defined the term ” Trafficking of a person ” 

Whoever ,for the purpose of exploitation :-

Recruits,transports,harbours,transfers,receives a person or persons, by,

Using threats,or 

Using force ,or any other form of coercion ,or

By abduction,or

By practising fraud,or deception,or

By abuse of power,or

By inducement,

Has been provided with the imprisonment not less than 7 years but which may extend to 10 years and with fine.

It is a cognizable and non- bailable punishes the sale of minor girls below the age of 18 years for the purpose of prostitution ,or illicit intercourse,or for other unlawful and immoral envisages protection of the chastity of girls.

Unfortunately,crime against women and their exploitation has multiplied many folds in recent years in spite of number of laws to protect and safeguard their interest.This is evident form the fact that rape takes place once in every 53 minutes,molestation once in every 15 minutes,Cruelty by husband or relatives every 9 minutes and dowry death every 77 minutes.

This statistics can show you that how much the crimes has been incresing ..A girl who is not a major are found to be prostitute..have you think why so ? It is her consent or forcefully she is getting in it..At the age of 18 we just completed 12 and some of the girls rather than doing study or getting education they has been prostituted.Before the age of 18 all childrens are busy in playing ,going school ,enjoying their life and on the other hand some of them are selling for the sexual violence..And then wat the society say “uski apni marzi hogi ” I mean at this age we didn’t capable to choose our clothes then how can anyone can give consent for the sex ??

These girls are not giving their consent they are forced to be prostitution from the offence like slavery,kidnapping,abducting.

Even these girls are giving “Astrogen” injection to look like young more and have grow their hormones to grow their power of sex.

In thiz modern era,everyone wants to earn money and some of boys and girls almost searced for the part time jobs along with their studies.Even i too one day searching for the job.I was checking newspaper then I strike with one company job who is offering for a job and salary is 10,000-20,000.i called on that number and asked about the jobs ..then when i come to know wat tha job is i was shocked..Job is for the “escorts” even when I took the details of it I come to know that they all are online registered and one company with a different names and you will get I’d card for it then whenever you go for work you have to show it and your payments will come to your account.Means just look the level of such rackets..

Most of the youths get indulged in Thiz racket who are not aware of such things.boys are offerred  a overseas to work in construction and agriculture but also forced to perform commercial sexual acts.women and young girls offerred jobs like models,dancers,waitress..

It is like a “dal dal ,,jo ek bar isme fas jaye kabhi bahar nhi ata or aa bhi jye toh society will not accept it “

One day,i was reading an article in newspaper which is based on prostitution a lady who is prostitues said that “kya kare society me akar bhi ijjat ni milti woh agar koi aur kam karna bhi chahe to society ke log kabhi karne ni dete hume humesha vaishaya hi mana jata hai..chahe humne kuch kia ho ya ni..yha tak ki agr koi ladki bhagkr yha se chli bhi jaye ya bachakr nikal jaye toh bhi society usi usi nazro se dekhti hai ..iske ilawa hum kabhi koi aur kam chahkr bhi nhi kar pate”

Even “sita maa ko bhi agni pariksha deni padi thi to auro ka kya hi khe”A womens modesty is everything ,if once it break if will never get recovered as in the same way as it were..

Some of the girls run away from the house sometimes, sometimes they marry a wrong guy,sometimes their own realtives sell them,sometimes for earning of money some girls get indulged in it..So think before you do..never get inspired from the luxurious things so easily..When i was kid and beaten up by my mother ,then i always be like ” i will leave home and never come back ” and my mom was like” go ahead ! People will treat you much better than me ” Than i always think why my mom behaving like thiz because she wanted me to realise that ” parents ke ilawa koi humara ni hota ..ya to log hume mar dete hai ya nokar bna dte hai ya khi ni khi paiso ke lalch me bech dte hai ” This is the sour cannot trust anyone.

In court,i have seen that many people are revolving there for the breach of their trust from those persons whom they trust alot ..prostitution,murder,rape,non – payment of money all are very common now…You will not presumed what will happen next..

The movies like “mardani”,lakshmi ” must be watching ..These are not just for entertainment they gives you lesson as well..

Prostitution is like a big circle the whole rounded one but you will never understand the path from where to get rid off..the round always revolved and revolved again..

So be careful 

Be safe

Respect women ##

Stop Trafficking ###

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