Status of daughter -in -law

In-laws may be universally intimidating but in some cultures ,the defence paid them rises to a whole new level,at least linguistically..

In this male dominated society ,women’s are considered the backward class.they treat women as inferior..whether a women is educated and independent she should expect to behave with the sum of attitudes ,culture and belief..

A geographically widespread practice known as avoidance speech ,or “mother in law languages”imposes strict rules on how one speaks- or doesnot-to the parents of a spouse,with daughter-in-law typically bearing the brunt of such limits..

In India,some societies restrict the words a person can say after marriage.some cultures have even barred all direct communication with parents- in- law.this rule can complicate a conversation but there are workarounds.

In part of India,a daughter -in- law is not allowed  to use words that begin with the same letters as her in-laws names,requiring her to use a parallel vocabulary.(in many Indian cultures,wives do not  traditionally address even their husbands by their names)

In short,talking to in-laws can be hard -sometimes impossible..

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